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Public Education and Advocacy

The Mental Health Association of Frederick works with legislators, public policy leaders, consumers, family members, and mental health professionals to assure that services and programs are always available, accessible, and responsive to those in need.  We strive to change the mental health trends, and are committed to making the vision of a healthy community a reality in Frederick County.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Is a training course designed to educate non-mental health professionals and the general public on skills they can use to help someone who is experiencing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis before appropriate professional or family support arrives.

Guide to Mental Health and Community Support Services

Is one of most comprehensive referral tools available that lists licensed mental health professionals, behavioral health facilities, group practices, extensive community support and emergency services, and a general services section in Spanish (Incluye Guía de Servicios Sociales Básicos).

Find a Counselor

In Frederick County that will serve your needs.  We encourage people to understand that seeking and accepting help, at any age, is the single most mentally healthy behavior there is.

Annual Legislative Breakfast

Is hosted by the Mental Health Association of Frederick County to advocate for mental health needs in our community.

Advocacy and Legislation

Is important to the Mental Health Association of Frederick County.  We are committed to helping to shape the policies which impact persons with mental illness and to ensure that everyone has access to quality mental health services.

Training Calendar

Allows parents, professionals, and volunteers to view all of the trainings and events that Mental Health Association of Frederick County has to offer.

Speaker Topics

Are available, free of charge, for employees or community groups on multiple subjects.

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Find a Counselor

Find a counselor in Frederick County that serves your needs

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