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Empowering Youth

The Mental Health Association of Frederick County is committed to educating and supporting youth in their daily lives, emphasizing healthy decision-making and child safety. With multifaceted curricula, trained educators reach thousands of youth each year with positive messages on solving conflicts, stress management and healthy lifestyles. It is our belief that all children deserve to hear that they have great worth and that their decisions can truly make a difference in their lives. To this end we strive to impact our community through empowering students of this generation to thrive at home, in their schools, and in their communities by giving them vital life skills that equip them for a successful and productive life. Click below to learn more about the programs and presentations we offer to empower youth.

Pre-K and Elementary Youth

The Mental Health Association presentations for youth are fun, interactive and challenging.  All of our programs are designed to provide children with skills they need in order to become healthy adults.

Middle and High School Youth

The Youth Education Outreach program provides a guest educator who interacts with students in their classroom. Class participation is encouraged as youth practice what they have learned and take an active role in improving their lives and the lives of those around them.

For Parents and Professionals

The Mental Health Association provides a variety of programs that educate parents on topics that are important to their family’s well-being such as Internet Safety for Parents. The Strengthening Families courses offer practical information that parents and caregivers of children of all ages can use.

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Training Topics

Bullies and School Safety
Personal Body Safety/Child Abuse Prevention Program
Keeping Kids Safe and Healthy
Eat Right & Exercise
Yello Dyno Safety Party
Stress Management
Internet Safety for Kids
Internet Safety for Parents

Become a Volunteer

Find a volunteer opportunity that best suits your skills, availability, and expectations can make all the difference to you and to your community.

Upcoming Events

The Mental Health Association provides a variety of programs that educate parents on topics that are important to their family’s well-being.
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