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Education and Resources

The Mental Health Association of Frederick County offers a variety of resources for mental health professionals, behavioral health facilities, community support services, child care providers, families in crisis, and the general public. Please utilize the wide range of links, literature, brochures, trainings, referrals, and programs that we have to offer.

Need Help?
Call 2-1-1
In Crisis?
301.662.2255 (local)
800.422.0009 (statewide)
Services available in over 150 languages

Walk-In Behavioral Health Services

Experiencing an emotional, mental, family or relationship crisis? Suicidal thoughts? Anxiety, grief or depression? Help is here.

Walk-In Behavioral Health Services is a free service where a Crisis Specialst will meet with you to help resolve a current crisis or concern and assist with connections to ongoing support. Available to adults, youth and children (under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian).

Location: 226 South Jefferson Street
Hours: Monday - Friday 12pm - 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm - 4pm  
For more information dial: 2-1-1 or 1-866-411-6803

Learn More About Mental Health Issues

Browse our resources on mental health conditions, warning signs, and treatment options.

Find a Counselor

Find a counselor in Frederick County that serves your needs